Cedar Hills Community Church

Glittering Vices: Greed

March 20, 2022 Pastor Kent Landhuis
Cedar Hills Community Church
Glittering Vices: Greed
Show Notes

LENT 2022: Glittering Vices: Greed - Pastor Kent Landhuis

THEME - Sin destroys our souls. Jesus restores our souls on the cross.

TEXTS - Matthew 10:17-26 James 1:12-15


To what is your soul most attached?

A. What ground rules guide us? James 1:12-15.

  1. Own your own sin.
  2. No secret sin.
  3. Confession brings hope.


B. What keeps us from Jesus? Matthew 10:16-22. 

  1. Greed: Inner attachment to wealth and possessions.
  2. Now I had discovered the great pearl. To buy it, I had to sell everything that I had; and I hesitated.  (Augustine, Confessions)
  3. What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul? (Matthew 16:26)


C. What draws us toward Jesus? Matthew 10:23-26.

  1. God does the impossible.
  2. Salvation brings life to the dead soul.
  3. Sanctification wakes the sleeping soul.


D. Next Steps 

  1. Look at your own soul.
  2. What inner attachments keep you from Jesus?
  3. Confess your greed.
  4. Go live in freedom!



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