Cedar Hills Community Church

Glittering Vices: Wrath

April 03, 2022 Pastor Kent Landhuis
Cedar Hills Community Church
Glittering Vices: Wrath
Show Notes

LENT 2022: Glittering Vices: Wrath - Pastor Kent Landhuis  -  

THEME - Sin destroys our souls. Jesus restores our souls on the cross.  

TEXTS - James 1:19-22  


Anger registers a wrong and responds with a desire to set it right. 

A.  Ground rules - James 1:12-15.

  1. Own your own sin.
  2. No secret sin.
  3. Confession brings hope.

B. Righteous Indignation. Mark 3:1-6

  1. Righteous indignation aims at the correct target.
  2. Righteous indignation hits the target with the proper force. 

C. Deadly Wrath. James 1:19-22

  1. Deadly wrath aims at the wrong target.
  2. Deadly wrath hits the target with improper force.
    1. Deadly wrath comes too fast.
    2. Deadly wrath hits with too much intensity.
    3. Deadly wrath lasts too long.

D. Next Steps 

  1. Look at your own soul.
  2. Where has anger in your life been off balance? Too hard or too soft? Too fast? Too intense? Too long?
  3. Confess your anger.
  4. Go live in freedom!


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