Cedar Hills Community Church

Passionate Prayers

March 19, 2023 Steve Poole
Cedar Hills Community Church
Passionate Prayers
Show Notes

Thoughts and Prayers: Passionate Prayers
Steve Poole

TEXT: Matthew 26:36-46


1.     We pray in hope because Christ has bought us victory over death by His blood.

2.     Jesus invites us to fight with him - in prayer.

3.     Pray that God will help us remain vigilant.

4.     We go. We fight. We pray. We give it all, because Jesus gave it all!


1.     Put your faith in Jesus

2.     Pray for God to revive your heart and the heart of our church

3.     Pray for your loved ones and those in the community who need to believe in Jesus for salvation

4.     Find other to sit with you if you are suffering as Jesus was

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